Why do stalls happen in the HCG program?

tumblr_mhx6bi35ok1ri5mzgo1_500There are a lot of reasons why you might stall during the HCG program. Not drinking enough water or not eating enough proteins will cause a stall. Being more active and being under more stress, and unfortunately women, getting into our cycle will also stall weight loss. The one thing that does the most to cause a stall is cheating! You may not think that one chip or one piece of cheese will not do anything but it does. We are working very hard with you to create this balance in your body and the slightest thing will tip the scales and make you stall.

Our bodies will also recognize a weight from our past and think its done having to burn any more fat. That’s where we come in with some tricks of the trade. We at Dr. Leila’s like to do what is called a shake day to break a stall. I know the original protocol calls for “apple days”, but your body cannot function properly without enough protein. So we do a protein shake in the morning for breakfast and the same for lunch. Then do a normal low calorie dinner. You will also do some type of protein snack either in the middle of the afternoon or at night before bed. A protein snack would consist of actual meat protein or a 1 scoop whey shake. You may have to do a couple of days of this but you will break the stall and start losing again.

The biggest thing to remember is not to give up….


Why do I need to drink so much water when I’m HCG?

Glass-of-Water-1-1Regardless of being on the program or not…WATER is important!

Incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps metabolize stored fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits.

Here’s why: The kidneys can’t function properly without enough water. When they don’t work to capacity, some of their load is dumped on the liver. But, if the liver has to do some of the kidneys work, it can’t operate at full throttle. As a result, it metabolizes less fat, more fat remains stored in the body, and weight loss stops.

The overweight person needs more water than one who is not overweight. Larger people have larger metabolic loads. Water helps to maintain muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract and by preventing dehydration. It also helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows weight loss. Shrinking cells are buoyed by water, which plumbs the skin and leaves it clear, healthy and resilient.

Water can help relieve constipation. When the body gets too little water, it siphons what it needs from internal sources. The colon is one primary source. Results? Constipation. But when a person drinks enough water, normal bowel function usually returns.

The body will not function properly without enough water and can’t metabolize stored fat efficiently.

So drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

The Skinny on HCG for the Holidays

The Skinny on HCG for the Holidays

Well, the holidays are upon us and so are the parties, which means a lot of food and a lot of good times.  Those of you on HCG, are probably wondering how you’re going to make it through these festive times without gaining weight.hcgholidays

Diet Tips

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have a good time and still stick to your diet.  You can drink a protein shake before you leave the house, then it won’t matter how long before they serve the food and you won’t be so hungry that you eat everything in sight.   If you need to bring a dish to pass then make sure it’s healthy and something you can eat.  If the party is at a party house or restaurant, then just try to make the best choices you can, sticking to protein and veggies and skipping the carbs. Remember, you will not be doing this every night, so one night a little off your diet won’t set you back too much but try not to over eat.

Don’t forget to weigh yourself every day so you can see how you’re doing. If your weight goes up more than 2 pounds it is advisable to do a shake day. This consists of a scoop of the Isagenix shake in the morning with one scoop of whey, then the same for lunch and a normal dinner.

Drinking Tips

If you decide that you are going to have alcohol, then give up your fruits (including tomatoes for the day). Drink plenty of water. For every alcoholic drink you should drink 2 glasses of water. Wine and vodka are the better choices for alcohol.

Most important thing to do over the holidays: relax, enjoy, and have a great time!


Homeopathic HCG Vs. Doctor Prescribed HCG

We have been asked a number of times if there is a difference between the HCG that we use in our program and the HCG you can get on the internet or on the store shelves, and there is a big difference!HCGblog3

First off let me start by saying that in New York State, HCG is considered a controlled substance, so you are not able to get it without a prescription. The HCG that you get on the store shelves is not HCG. It is homeopathic HCG, which means they had to dilute it down so much that there is no HCG left in it. So when you use homeopathic HCG drops you are really just on a low calorie diet.  For some people this works okay, but for some people being on a low calorie diet without HCG can be very dangerous.

With real HCG on board your body is triggered to release calories from fat not muscle. So you get the results you’re looking for and you’re not hungry. We all know that being hungry is the worst feeling and will always lead to falling off a diet.  With real HCG you are not hungry because your body is releasing at least 2000 calories from a single pound of fat that it burns in addition to the calories you are taking in through food.

HCG works on the hypothalamus so that when you go from your two gorge days to your first low calorie day, the HCG helps remind the hypothalamus that we have the fat stores to burn.  Kind of like a bear burning off stored fat in the winter.  Part of this process involves an adrenal response.  If your adrenal glands are already exhausted from too much stress, it is much harder to get the results we want.  This is why some people do well with homeopathic HCG and some people don’t – it depends on where their adrenals are at.  If the person is stressed, homeopathic HCG will not work.  That is when we need the real HCG.  Even with real HCG we are sometimes adding supplements back to support patients if they are super-stressed.

So it all comes down to stress, which is the biggest reason why weight loss can be challenging.

HCG In Depth

HCG In Depth

Let’s go a little more in depth into the details of how the HCG program works.

What You Should Expect

HCGInDepthAn initial consult is roughly an hour. We go over the program with you and figure out what your specific to you diet is going to look like.  We feed you according to your life. We weigh and measure you, get your BMI and fat index, along with your blood pressure. I also take a before picture of you because a picture really does” say a thousand words,” most people don’t see the difference themselves because you look at yourself every day, but it is truly amazing when you can see proof of the transformation!!!

The Diet

The original protocol in the 1950’s was 500 calories, with starting your day with a half of a grapefruit and coffee. Today, we are much more stressed and toxic, so your diet is decided according to that.  We start at 700 calories and move from there.

A basic plan starts with a protein shake in the morning, lunch and dinner consists of a protein, veggie or salad. We also may stick snacks in throughout the day. You are allowed 2 fruit portions a day that should be eaten with a meal or protein.  In your work book is a list of foods that are allowed on the program.


The program includes a protein shake for your first round. A round is 3 weeks, because it takes 21 days to form a new habit. In this system we are teaching you how to change your habits toward food. We want you to come out with control over food by teaching you not to let food have control over. You will learn that you eat for so many other reasons than because of hunger. You will not be hungry during this program, which makes it so easy to stick to. Not to mention we are always here for support, just a phone call away.

If you have any questions please call  585.773.4777 or email info@drliela.com or drlielaoffice@gmail.com.

The Truth about HCG

TheTruthHCGMy name is Michele and I run the HCG Weight Loss program at Dr. Leila’s Quality of Life Medicine, our program is the real deal, and is Doctor supervised. Some of you have never heard of HCG and some have only heard bad things. I am here to set the record straight.

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone that we produce when we are pregnant, it stimulates the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls the way we burn and store fat. For most of us, our hypothalamus is dysfunctional. As humans, we have evolved overtime, years ago we ate throughout the day as we found food, and were used to going through a feast and famine cycle/ season. We had our feast in the summer and our famine in the winter. That’s how our hypothalamus works. We decided as humans, that sitting down and eating 3 huge meals a day, 365 days of the year was a great idea…..and our hypothalamus missed that memo. So now any fat you take in, the hypothalamus shrugs and says “I don’t know,” so it stores it. That’s where we come in with HCG and a program that is designed for you and your life.

Specifics about our program..

In our program we work with HCG troches, which are pills that you dissolve under your tongue. Each round is only 3 weeks. During the process you aren’t hungry or starving, and you will see results every day on the scale. You feel great and have all the energy you need.

We plan out a meal program according to your bodies needs and tweak your food as your body needs it, when you come in for your weekly appointments. Our averages for a 3 week program for women: pounds- 10 – 13, inches- 8 – 11; for men: pounds 15 – 18, inches 8 – 11. This program is not just about the pounds, it’s about inches too and contouring your body back.

In blogs to come, I will go into details about every step and share recipes and tricks to help you achieve you goals.  For more information on HCG through Dr. Leila please call 585-773-4777 or email info@drleila.com.